Gokarna “A Hub Of Beach Lovers”

Gokarna, Karnataka A Travel Destination
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Gokarna “A Hub Of Beach Lovers”, One of the popular beaches of Karnataka is Gokarna. A place where tourists enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings, and golden shorelines. Gokarna is a heavenly place of Hindus.

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka has four confined shorelines. Om Beach, the Kudle Beach, the peaceful Half Moon Beach, and the flawless Paradise Beach are four beautiful portions of sand, sandwiched between the slopes and the ocean and located close to the resort. Tourists searching for isolation must visit these shorelines. A hub for beach lovers. Enjoy the quiet, clean, safe, white sand and golden sunrise and sunset beaches.

Both Kudle and Om beaches are around 6 km from Gokarna town along a muddy hill; you can reach there by rickshaw or foot or A 20 minutes stroll from Gokarna you will reach the first of the Gokarna beaches that is Kudle Beach. The way south to the Ganapati Temple will lead you to the Kudle Beach, an excellent and long extending white sand shoreline encroached with influencing palm trees. The shoreline has cottages and eating places.

Further, if you walk 30 minutes down south, the OM shoreline of Gokarna, ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea. Om beach is named so because it is shaped like the “ॐ” OM symbol. Best time to visit OM beach is on weekdays as it attracts tourists on weekends.

The other two Gokarna Beaches in Karnataka are the Halfmoon and Paradise Beaches. Both are accessible only by trekking or boat. Tourists enjoy, chill, relax and explore these separated beaches.

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