Ego Is The Enemy | Important Facts about Ego

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Just like you have a car and a bike, you have an ego also.

What is EGO?

Well, Ego is a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance which is also known as अहंकार / अहम / मैं in Hindi.

Moreover, you can say Ego is “self” or “I“. Wondering, it is how you see yourself.

Origin of EGO

From Latin ego (I). Chosen by Freud’s translator as a translation of his use of German Ich as a noun for this concept from the pronoun ich (I).

EGO-InterestingFactsAboutEgo-SHOOITUPInteresting Facts about EGO

Only humans have an ego

Personally, I believe all organisms are “selfish,” or self-oriented, to one degree or another.  Tragically we don’t understand this and we make our ego’s priorities our own. We spend our entire life chasing after goals that belong to the ego and not us. The ego is about power and consideration. Moreover, the soul is about love/affection and happiness/satisfaction. However, perpetually we pick power and consideration over love/affection and happiness/satisfaction.

Ego starts with self-consciousness

When you feel self-conscious, your ego is actively involved. It is the part of your mind that identifies with attributes, convictions, and habits. Your inner self or so-called ego is an unconscious part of your mind.

The Ego will make your life miserable

Did you know?

Your ego develops to protect you from your reality. Anything outside of confirmed thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors will be rejected. Rather we just need others to hear what we need to say. In fact, no one needs to be in the company of such individuals and gradually our companions and friends and family start to separate themselves from us.

As a result, love evaporates from our lives and we end up alone, separated, and miserable.

Ego feeds on STRESS 

Ego causes stress in our life.

Are you feeding your ego…..

Well, every individual really wants to live the best they can. Nonetheless, the sense of self intrudes on this process with perpetual mind games. It’s an ideal opportunity to reclaim what is ours and calm the ego.

Bottom Line


The only thing you can control is YOU.


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