7 Brain Exercises for Memory

Memory and Brain exercises
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Hi friends! We all are aware of the fact that exercise is good for our health. Exercises not only increases our energy level but also improves our mood and thinking ability.

Exercise benefits all aspects of the body, including the brain. Furthermore, exercise can give individuals a genuine feeling of achievement and pride at having accomplished a specific objective.

As we all are aware of the fact that we need to exercise our body, did we know that it might also be important to exercise our mind? 

Right now we are young, have enough tasks to do. Sometimes, we might forget some small things in our daily life, which hardly makes any impact. But we should not overlook this. As we grow older, our memory starts to be weak. So, it is better to keep on practicing some memory exercises regularly.

Discussed below some of the brain exercises and activities that are very simple and may be related to some daily life activities of many of you.

7 Brain Exercises for Memory That Actually Help You Remember More.

Be Creative

Creativity is the mother of discovery. When you challenge your creative skills, you get to do more experiments on them.

Be Creative
Be creative

This makes you create something unique at the same time it also helps you sharpen your brain.

Did You Know

A child starts to forget childhood memories while he/she is in his/her childhood.

Play with Taste Buds

Test your taste buds with different sort of foods. It makes your brain cells work more active to dig out the differences in taste. One of the good exercise for the brain. Try Blindfolding to see if you can guess what food you are eating.

Play Games

Forget whether you are an adult or a child. Playing games generally add joy to life. It helps in keeping the mind sharp, bringing laughter, improving the mind power and decreasing the stress level.

Playing with colorful beads
Playing with colorful beads

Take colorful beads and be a child again. Practice counting, sorting and threading, making different patterns from these colorful beads.

Be a Story Teller

Forget everything and plan a storytelling session. It encourages creativity and improves imagination power. One of the ways to better develop the mind is storytelling. You start thinking a lot and thus it becomes an exercise for memory.

Decode Brain Treasures

Decode Brain Treasures

Brain treasure is a fun-filled way of challenging the brain and increasing mind power. It not only improves memory but also gives a lot of fun at the same time.

Try Solving Math

“MATH is Like Going to the GYM, The GYM for your BRAIN. It sharpens your MIND.” Danica McKellar

Use your brain more instead of using gadgets for solving basic mental math. Don’t take shortcuts, instead, try creating your own shortcuts. Solving the calculations in mind will train and improve your brain’s thinking abilities.

Figure Out New Things

Figure out the things which you have never done before. Doing things which you have never done before sharpens your thinking ability and even boost your intelligence. Figuring out new things helps you create and strengthen neural pathways and networks.

All the above-mentioned activities and exercises can have major long term impacts on the wellbeing and imperativeness of your mind and brain.

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